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Shipping And Logistics


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It is a new generation course and is highly job-oriented one in India and abroad. The course, equally beneficial to both the genders, imparts the basics of Shipping & Logistics that involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing,material handling and packaging etc. In logistics industry, opportunities are large but candidates are a few. After the successful completion of the course , opportunities are abundant. The course certificate will be an added advantage in your search for employment.
Job opportunities
  • Air freight Clerk/Supervisor in Airline or Cargo Companies
  • Ocean freight Clerk/Supervisor in Shipping Line/ Companies
  • Customs /Port Documentation Clerk.
  • Warehouse In-charge/Export/Import Clerk/Supervisor.
  • Sales & Marketing in Cargo/Shipping Companies
  • Accountants in Shipping Companies. ( Commerce students ).
Field of Employment Opportunities
  • Airline, Shipping Line, Cargo,Logistics Companies.
  • Production & Supply Centres
  • Engineering,Petroleum & Chemical Industries.
  • Banking Field( Trade & Commerce Dept.)
  • To enable the candidates to work independently.
  • Communicate with Domestic & International Agencies.
  • Perform Operational/ Overall  office work.
  • MBA/Degree/B.Tech/Poly.Diploma/D. Pharm./+2 with work experience.
  • Gulf NRI’s on leave for on job changing mission can take advantage of the course.
  • Course Duration: Short-Term. ( Certificate programme)
Course Contents
  • Export
  • Import
  • Logistics Management
  • Multi-modal Transport (Air/Sea/Land)
  • Port & Customs procedures
  • Letter of Credit (L/C) Procedures
  • Business Communications etc.
 Course Approved by Scientific & Technical Education Development  Council

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