Shipping and Logistics

This is a new generation course which  is highly job-oriented and help the students, who master this course gets the job faster  in India and abroad. This course covers in details, about  the basics of Shipping & Logistics, transportation, inventory management, material handling, packaging and warehousing etc.
As per the statistics now in  logistics industry   there are many opportunities. In this field challenge is to get good and experienced candidates. We offer  course  completed certificate  which will be an added advantage in your search for employment.

Job opportunities

Air freight Clerk/Supervisor in Airline or Cargo Companies
Ocean freight Clerk/Supervisor in Shipping Line/ Companies
Customs /Port Documentation Clerk.
Warehouse In-charge/Export/Import Clerk/Supervisor.
Sales & Marketing in Cargo/Shipping Companies
Accountants in Shipping Companies. ( Commerce students )

Airline, Shipping Line, Cargo, Logistics Companies.
Production & Supply Centers
Engineering, Petroleum & Chemical Industries.
Banking Field( Trade & Commerce Dept.)


To enable the candidates to work independently.
Communicate with Domestic & International Agencies.
Perform Operational/ Overall office work.


MBA/Degree/B.Tech/Poly.Diploma/D. Pharm./+2 with work experience.
Those who are working in Gulf and coming back to kerala on vacation can contact us. We have special course designed exclusively for NRI'S , which we will be able to complete it in a shorter period of time and help you to get certified
Course Duration: Short-Term. ( Certificate programme)

Course Contents

Logistics Management
Multi-modal Transport (Air/Sea/Land)
Port & Customs procedures
Letter of Credit (L/C) Procedures
Business Communications etc.
Course Approved by STEDS Council

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