C-DIT (Centre for Development of Imaging Technology, Govt of Kerala) is well versed in the state of the art technologies in visual communication, optical image processing, and information technology. To make this expertise available to the general public, a selected group of institutions, which fulfill the certain minimum requirements with regards to facilities; faculties, etc have been approved as C-DIT Educational Partners. Insight Education is one of the C-DIT CEP centres in Trivandrum. Following courses are offered through C-DIT Educational Partners. (DCA, CDTP, DDTP, PGDCA, CDECO, DCFM,AUTO-CAD JAVA,>NET,PHP) The Team continuously monitors and evaluates the course. The periodic examination will be conducted and results will be announced. On successful completion of the course, the students will be awarded certificates by C-DIT. The certificate will be based on attendance, performance in-class quiz and exercises, project and final examination