MBA Tuition


Master of Business Administration or MBA is the most sought after post-graduate programme, not only in India but also abroad. In order to help students to clear the core papers Insight Education MBA Tuition Centre in Trivandrum , offers MBA special tuition in  Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Customer Research Management and Marketing Research. Our  well qualified and MBA special tuitions focused faculties, take care all weak students very well.
The Master of Business administration (MBA) is a two-year programme, each year divided into two semesters.
In the first year, all topics are common for all streams of MBA. In the second year at the start of the third semester, students are required to choose their elective papers for specialization from Finance, Marketing, IT and Human Resource Management.
Insight Education Trivandrum arrange special MBA Tuition for MBA students from Kerala University and from any other university who conduct MBA courses.
For better understanding and support in cracking any of the above subjects, please reach out to us. Excellent faculty with many years of experience will assist you to access your exams. Specialized but simplified tuition for your core papers is our specialty. We at Insight Education, Panavila, Trivandrum, provide individual tuition and expert guidance for all your projects. MBA Semester wise subjects tuitions  are provided below.


Insight MBA Special Tuition Centre in Trivandrum offers special tuitions for below subjects.

1. Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior
2. Managerial Economics
3. Accounting for Managers.
4. Quantitative Techniques
5. Operations Management.
6. Managerial Economics
7. Research Organizational study
8. Business Environment and Corporate Ethics
9. Environmental Management
10. Law for Business
11.Research Methods for Management
12. Human Resource Management
13. Marketing Management
14. Financial Management
15. Communication skills
16. Business planning and Entrepreneurship Operations
17. Management Information system For Dual Specialization

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