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The brainstem is a very important part of the central nervous system which acts as a bridge between the higher centers and spinal cord. Lots of intricate neural structures are arranged within the brainstem. Very thorough knowledge of the external features of the brainstem is essential for a [...]

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The neck region is divided into anterior and posterior triangles to simplify our understanding of the complex layout of structures arranged there. The posterior triangle deserves special mention because of the sophisticated arrangement of vessels, nerves, and muscles in it. This short lecture [...]

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The anatomical details of the muscles participate in the process of mastication is very significant because of their distinctive attachments to the bone. These muscles include the temporalis, masseter, lateral and medial pterygoid muscles. The medical undergraduate students find it very hard to [...]

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The tympanic membrane, also known as the eardrum plays a very important role in assisting human hearing. When the sound waves enter the external ear, they make the tympanic membrane vibrate and transmit the auditory information to the ear ossicles. The anatomy of the Tympanic membrane is a very [...]

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